Spooky Season: Candles, Practical Magic, and a Midnight Margaritas Recipe

Spooky Season: Candles, Practical Magic, and a Midnight Margaritas Recipe

Spooky Season: Candles, Practical Magic, and a Midnight Margaritas Recipe

We all remember the 90's spooky movie staple Practical Magic, a cinematic staple every Halloween season. 

23 years has passed since the release of this iconic movie starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, but one thing has stuck with us after all these years: those midnight margaritas. Over the years, many have perfected the midnight margaritas recipe. If you are keen on making authentic midnight margarita drinks, here is a quick and easy midnight margaritas recipe that tastes amazing:

1. Slice a lemon into large wedges and wipe lemon around edge of glass. Next dip the glass rim into either salt or sugar

2. Use a juicer or your hands to juice 3-4 lemons or limes in order to receive at least 4 oz of juice 

3. Put tequila or vodka into a blender with the lemon juice and ice and blend away until slushy-like

4. Serve! Add a lemon or lime garnish to complete the perfect midnight margaritas recipe!

Image of midnight margarita recipe

This year, take your Practical Magic inspired #midnightmargaritas love to the next level with a magical candle that will have you singing the midnight margaritas song all year long!

Midnight Margaritas Candle

This candle is just in time for fall and just right for a spooky Halloween gift. It smells like a freshly made margarita at midnight. This candle is a part of our exclusive fandom collection! It is inspired by a fall movie favorite: Practical Magic. The scene where Sandra Bullock makes the midnight margaritas to be exact! 

Infused with top notes of lime, middle notes of chilled sugar cubes, and bottom notes of cocunut! She put de lime in de coconut, she drank 'em bot' up
Midnight Margaritas Recipe Soy Candle
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Midnight Margaritas | 100% Soy Scented Candle |Practical Magic Inspired | Hand Poured


Practical Magic is a movie that inspired generations after it to be spooky and proud. Celebrate the magic with our fail proof midnight margarita recipe, and our limited edition midnight margaritas candle!

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