Mothman: Behind the American Folklore

Mothman: Behind the American Folklore

Mothman: Behind the American Folklore

As have most people who grew up in America, we've all heard the spooky stories from 'Bloody Mary' to 'Bigfoot'. These stories shaped our experiences as both adult and children, weaving a sense of wonder and bit of fear into our existence.  The spooky Halloween season is the perfect season to sit around a toasty campfire and relive the excitement and folklore. There's one story that many often forget to tell: the story of the Mothman. 

Mothman's story originated in the 1960's, when cameras were scarce and video footage was not easily accessible. He lived during a time when people were thirsty for knowledge, especially of the unknown. Mothman is neither friend nor foe, and is neither human nor animal. According to the legend, this man was a force of nature, unlike anything anyone has ever seen since.

Here are 5 spooky facts about Mothman to get you excited for that glorious campfire folklore:

1. Mothman was first reported to be seen in West Virginia 1967. This was reported in a local West Virginia newspaper. 


2. Mothman could reportedly fly at amazing speeds. According to several witnesses, the creature could fly at speeds up to 100 mph. 

3. When a West Virginia bridge collapsed in 1968 it was said to be caused by Mothman. 8 people at the horrific scene say that they may have seen Mothman that day.

4. The Mothman Prophecies (2002) was based on the legend. Starring actor John Klein.

5. There is a 12 foot Mothman statue in West Virginia. It is located in Pointe Pleasant where the first reported sighting occurred.


Mothman has acquired devoted fans over the years. These fans write stories, movies, host festivals, and create art all based on the mystical creature. 

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