The Recipe to our 100LL Fuel Scented Candles ✈️

The Recipe to our 100LL Fuel Scented Candles ✈️

              Our 100 LL fuel candles are back in stock! To celebrate our restocking day, we are remembering the top reasons why our jet fuel candle is the best gift for aviation lovers and jet setters. Candle lovers come in all shapes and sizes, with different personality traits that define them as a person. One of the main goals we work towards when creating a candle at Billington Farms, is the happiness of the overall customer. Is the customer happy with the scent? To do this we use extensive testing methods, working with people from all walks of life to come up with a scent that Is generally universally loved.

                So who are the best people to consult when creating a jet fuel scented candle? We tracked down some of the most hard-working pilots in the country for help defining not only the scent of 100 LL fuel, but how the feelings that the scent provokes in the person smelling it. Based on the data derived from our research, we were pleased to discover that the number one emotion that is evoked when smelling 100LL fuel is excitement. Normally when one is smelling jet fuel, they are getting ready to take off on an adventure. It was important for us to evoke that excitement with the scent of our candle. This is where the strong scent of fuel comes into play, and is the top note for our 100 LL fuel candle.

The distinct smell of fuel is not the only scent profile in our 100LL fuel candle. We consulted with several flight attendants who were a key part of the development of our undernotes. The bottom notes of our 100 LL fuel scented candle smell slightly sweet. This is because we received reports from several flight attendants as well as frequent flyers who say that jet fuel has a slightly sweet aroma. We have made our best effort to replicate that sweet fuel aroma in our 100LL fuel candle.

                The last thing that makes our 100LL fuel candles so special are our loyal customers who have helped improve our 100 LL fuel scented candle through support and feedback. We have been proud to supply full aircraft crews, pilots, aviation lovers, and the like with quality and careful curated jet fuel scented candles.

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